Get Started for Team Members

Registering as a User (User Role = Reader)

If you have received an Email inviting you to register in PeopleTray, it is likely that your Employer has added you to TeamTray.

It is recommended that you view the introduction video to gain an overview of PeopleTray.

How to Register

  • In your Email click the Create your password link
  • A modal will appear for you to create your own password
  • Once you have created a password you can login to PeopleTray

How to Sign In to PeopleTray Web

  • Open Google Chrome
  • > Click Sign in
  • The Sign in page will open –
  • Save this page to your favourites bar
  • Username is your Email Address
  • Passwords are private – you own it
  • If you forget your password > click Trouble Signing In


Introduction to TeamTray Reader Access

  • You will be assigned the default User Security role of Reader in TeamTray
  • If you require access to other PeopleTray Modules you need to contact your System Administrator
  • As a TeamTray Reader you will only be able to view your own profile and assign Actions to yourself
  • You will be able to Submit Reports as required by your employer
  • Your employer may require you to have access to other PT Modules or a higher level of security to enable you to manage people, projects, safety, assets or recruitment

TeamTray Reader Home Page

Blue Menu Bar:

  • Sits across the top of all pages in PeopleTray
  • Click Home to go back to Home Page
  • My Tasks Menu > Actions > See a Table of Readers Actions – Sort and Filter – Manage Assigned Actions – Assign Action to Self  – Export Readers Actions to Excel
  • My Tasks Menu > Reports > See a Table of Reports submitted by the Reader – View transitions of the Reports Progress – Access Reports dependant on the Workflow Process
  • Profile > See Readers Profile > Person Details Tab – Reader can’t edit > Contact Details Tab > Reader can edit Emergency Contacts and Home Details – Reader can’t edit Work Contact Details > Account Settings Tab > Reader can Manage Password > Actions Tab > Reader can Manage Actions
  • Blue Menu Bar – right hand side icons > Module Selector – Move between Modules > Preferences Button – Review Preferences
  • First Name of Reader is displayed > Help – Takes you to PeopleTray Website User Guides > My Profile – See Readers Profile > Sign Out – Sign out of PT > Sign in and security details are displayed


  • My Actions – Overview of Readers Actions > Click on Overdue; Due; Assigned to Me to Open
  • Reports – Overview of Readers Reports > Click on My Tasks or My Reports to Open
  • My Links – View your Profile Photo > View/Update my Profile Button – See Readers Profile > Role Opportunities Button – View any Internal Roles Advertised > Contact Administrator Button – Emails ‘owner’ of System> User Guides and Support Button – Open New tab with PT User Guides
  • My Workgroup – View all people in your Workgroup – Hover to see Contact details – Readers can’t open other profiles


NOTE: My Workgroup box may be turned OFF by your System Administrator

Black Menu Panel:

  • Add New > Action – A Reader can Assign Actions to self only
  • Submit New > A Reader can Submit any Report/Checklist/Workflow – System
  • All PT Accounts have different Report/Checklist/Workflow option – fully configurable
  • You need to review your Company Business Process for details on Submitting Report/Checklist/Workflows

NOTE: Report/Checklist/Workflow Menu items may be turned OFF by your System Administrator