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Effectively managing a project workforce is an essential task for any mining, exploration, or contractor organisation. Using the latest FIFO management software means:

  • A healthy, stable and productive workforce.
  • An efficient, confident process for site administrators.
  • Eliminate flight and room booking errors.
  • Higher utilization of flights and rooms.

PeopleTray is the latest FIFO management software.  Modern and Cloud based. Can be used by Administrators from any location.

PeopleTray is great for projects of any size and complexity, for 1 or 2 rig drilling teams to large established multi-site mining operations.

PeopleTray includes a mobile (Android and iOS), that workers use to submit travel and leave requests and safety events, view their roster, and view their compliances and operating procedures.

Great features of PeopleTray include:

  1. Two or three clicks to add roster changes.
  2. Flexible travel request, approval tools.
  3. Flexible clear views of flights and camps.
  4. Leading algorithms that work behind the scenes to ensure optimal use of mining camps.
  5. Live accurate views of future demand for flights and rooms to aid in planning maintenance and construction team visits.
  6. Mobile app to stay connected with workers and travellers.
  7. Cloud, scalable, secure. Supports flexible work locations for travel administrators.

What our FIFO Roster customers are saying

“I have used a lot of the older systems. This is the best system in the market and the lowest cost. I am still getting used to the way everything is integrated. Everyone loves it.”

 “We could not have survived the Covid challenge without PeopleTray. Capturing the required data daily was a god send. Getting everyone requalified to go to site was super-efficient.”

“With a single click we see our rosters, rooms and flight booking schedule. The look ahead demand for flights and rooms has become an essential tool for planning.”

“Each morning I can see the issues and faults coming in from our worker’s checklists. It takes are few minutes to assess the issues assign job cards to ensure each is addressed. It seems like there is a higher level of trust and engagement between our operators and administrators and that has boosted our performance.”

Roster and Camp Views

FIFO Management for mining and contracting

FIFO Management for mining and contracting

Consolidated view of person roster and bookings

Mine FIFO Software

FIFO Roster Management

Mobile Checklists and Travel Calendar

FIFO Roster Management

FIFO Management App

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