Explorers and Small Miners

PeopleTray is a modern Cloud management solution that helps explorers and small miners achieve their goals in an affordable way. It addresses the safety and compliance requirement while providing mobile checklists to capture equipment and drilling inspections, Covid checks from workers.

Includes landowner engagement and rostering tools that are essential to keeping everything organised, safe and productive. The web Drilling and Logging Dashboard helps coordinate task priorities and daily progress for the entire team.

Drilling and Logging Dashboard

Web dashboard that helps the entire team prioritise, coordinate and share progress for workers, contractors and administrators.

Land Owner Engagements

  • Keep records of landowner and stakeholder engagements and obligations.
  • Create actions for tasks that are required for managing landowners.

Mobile Checklists and Job Cards

Checklists are easily configured for Drill Site Inspections, Safety Inductions, Covid checks, site access, Journey Checkpoint management and others. Assign Job Cards to ensure issues are addressed and workers are supported.

Health and Safety

While checklists help identify hazards and other safety issues, PeopleTray also includes best practice safety incident management to help minimise the risk of accidents and, in the event something happens, be in a position to demonstrate you are doing things right!

  • Safety Incident and Hazard reporting.
  • Risk Register.
  • Corrective actions management.


Keep driver’s licenses and other compliance documents organised, and be notified when they are about to expire.

Keep records of inductions and training in company procedures, including:

  • Safety inductions
  • Knowledge of safe work practices
  • Business policies (approvals, expenditure, Covid management)
  • Site inductions done via mobile phones.

Even with only a few people, the roster tools are handy to see when people are on leave, on site etc:


  • Maintain a register of vehicles, plant and equipment.
  • Capture equipment pre-starts in an easy to use App, including capturing pre-starts while offline.
  • Assign Job Cards to address faults and maintenance issues.
  • Email alerts when equipment is due for service.


  • Keep track of consumables across multiple locations.
  • Set Threshold and Reorder reports.
  • Report value of your inventory.

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