Explore the user interface

Home Page and Menu Bar

When you sign in, you land on your home page in the TeamTray module.

You can return here at any time by clicking the Home button on the Menu Bar.

As the creator of your account you have been assigned the role of System Administrator. This means you can see everyone’s details and may open any Module including the CRM, SheTray (safety) or TalentTray (recruitment). You also have access to the Settings menu on the menu bar. The settings tools allow you to configure PeopleTray to your requirements.

Menu Panel

The Menu Panel on the left has:

  • A quick search for people
  • A quick create to create a person or an assign an action.

Below the quick search there are three buttons for initiating workflows including:

  • Submit a report (e.g. a weekly activity report)
  • Request an approval (e.g. to travel or make a purchase)
  • Register an event (e.g. a hazard or incident report)

In the default set up, the workflow buttons are displayed for all members of the account. You can control which teams see each workflow button through menu: Settings > Workflow Admin. The default setting is that all users see the three default Workflows.

You can experiment with initiating workflows. It is recommended that you read the workflow guide if you wish to use modify or add you own workflows.

Body of Home Page

The main body of your home page displays your alerts in boxes across the top. Clicking on any of the alert box numbers opens a list of those items. The left box display’s the user’s action alerts. The centre box displays workflow tasks that are assigned to you or your team members. The status of workflows initiated by the user can also be viewed.

The My Action and My Workflow alert boxes are displayed for all users. The My Team alert box on the right is displayed only for team leaders. It includes upcoming appraisals and expiring/expired documents for their team members, such as licenses, medicals and inductions.

All users can see:

  1. A list of their workgroup (team) members.
  2. Quick links to update their profile.
  3. Links to contact an Administrator, or access the User Guides.
  4. A button to view role opportunities advertised internally from the TalentTray module.

When updating their profile, readers see a read only view of their main details, and can update their password, image, personal contact details, and email notification settings. They can also view their user role and module settings.

In the next guide, learn how to add Team Members to your account.

Guide to adding Team Members to your account

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