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ESG Software – For Mining and Contracting

ESG – Environment, Social, Governance.

The term ESG was first mentioned in the 2006 United Nation’s Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) report. Hence, ESG is a concept whereby a business reports information to the market or its stakeholders to satisfy a desire stakeholders may have in ensuring they are investing or are otherwise associated with responsible businesses with regard to the concepts of ESG.

There are a range of reporting standards that organisations might follow such as:

  • GRI: the global reporting initiative – founded in 1997, Boston.
  • SASB: Non profit, founded in 2011: Administered by the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) of the IFRS Foundation.

Each organisation will have its own strategy, stakeholder, and regulatory setting, and as such, will formulate its business priorities and reporting strategy.

Larry Fink (Blackrock) and Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway) are well-known business commentators whom have shared somewhat contrasting perspectives on ESG:

Larry Fink in his 2020 Letter to CEOs:

“We have seen a surge of clients looking for investments in energy renewables and we think that will continue. Blackrock as a founding member of theTask Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Every government, company and shareholder must confront climate change.”

“A pharmaceutical company that hikes prices ruthlessly, a mining company that shortchanges safety, a bank that fails to respect its clients – these companies may maximize returns in the short term. But, as we have seen again and again, these actions that damage society will catch up with a company and destroy shareholder value. By contrast, a strong sense of purpose and a commitment to stakeholders helps a company connect more deeply to its customers and adjust to the changing demands of society. Ultimately, purpose is the engine of long-term profitability.”

Fink Letter to CEOs >>

Warren Buffett on ESG Reporting

“I think we measure up well, but we don’t prepare reports for anyone that asks about it. We are very careful in selecting the right people. We want our managers to do the right things, we give them enormous latitude. We think our batting average on ESG is good, but, we keep expenses and needless reporting down to a minimum at Berkshire.”

Buffet Interview on ESG >>

ESG – A Performance-Based Approach

At PeopleTray we believe sound Australian ESG performance is achieved firstly by striving for continuous improvement of business performance, ensuring that performance is sustainable and risk managed. For some businesses, and especially larger businesses this may require special policies, data capture and reporting to meet their special ESG reporting obligations, but the primary focus should remain on sustainable, risk managed growth and profits.

PeopleTray provides mining and contracting management teams a framework for collecting the information that represents and supports performance, while providing visibility of trends and issues, and the tools for continuous improvement in the cornerstones of ESG including:

  • Reliable production performance and trusted production reporting.
  • Efficient workforce rostering, compliance and training with optimal use of resources.
  • Paperless capture of data from workers – and instant visibility of issues raised by workers.
  • Efficient management of Equipment, including pre-starts, maintenance and repairs.  
  • Continuous improvement in Safety, Risk and Obligations management.

In ESG terms, PeopleTray is a modern, flexible Cloud and Mobile framework to help businesses achieve:

  • Growth, consistent profitability, efficiency and sustainability.
  • Operational compliance with Customer, Shareholder, Stakeholder and Regulator obligations.
  • Flexible reporting including standard reports, configurable reports and API’s to pull data into corporate reporting tools such as Power BI.

Importantly, PeopleTray gives managers and executives Visibility of the business and its risks, together with Communication mechanisms to ensure the workforce and management teams are informed and fully engaged:

Visibility of Operations

  • View Daily Checklists coming into PeopleTray with visibility of non-conformances raised within that data.
  • Overview of Actions and Jobs that are assigned to team members to address production issues, risks and non-conformances (ESG) as they arise.
  • Safety Events – real time view of safety with notifications, and corrective actions to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Risks, including the progression of the business risk profile and timelines of how specific risks are evolving.
  • Compliance and Training status of your workforce.
  • Visibility of observations and measurements related to worker health, the environment and production quality to support decisions aimed at consistently achieving business performance targets.

Communication and Engagement

Communication with workers and contractors using email and SMS, recording the history of communications, and providing important information to workers in a single integrated Mobile App ensures communication and engagement including:

  • Roster, flight and room bookings.
  • Safety alerts.
  • Procedure Documents.
  • Compliance and Training status.

Engagement via efficient paperless capture of data from workers using the Mobile App for:

  • Equipment Prestarts, Take 5’s
  • Reporting production issues such as bottlenecks, breakdowns, slow progress.
  • Reporting perceived risks, hazards and worker concerns related to ESG.
  • Inductions.
  • VOC’s.
  • PPE distribution.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Drug and Alcohol tests.
  • Health self assessments.

Best Practice ESG Software

Within the environment of Visibility, Communication and Engagement, PeopleTray provides the mine and contractor industries best practice tools for:

  • People Compliance, Training and Procedures management.
  • Rosters, travel and camp management.
  • Production tracking and reporting – Single source of truth, auditable.
  • Plant and Equipment inspections, job cards, repairs and maintenance.
  • Contractor, Stakeholder, Regulator and Customer management.
  • Safety, Health and Risk Management.
  • Environmental and Health monitoring. *
  • Recruitment and efficient onboarding of new people.

* Environmental Monitoring available July 2023.

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