Leader in drilling business management

Drilling is a high risk, high profit industry where good management tools provide control over activities and more consistent achievement of production targets where:

  • Workers operate heavy machinery in remote hostile environments
  • Customers demand adherence to their policies and standards
  • Effective, easy-to-use tools are essential for submitting checklists and data
  • Managing team rosters and equipment repairs/servicing are daily challenges
  • Continuous support and training of team members is essential to consistently meet production targets

PeopleTray is designed to make your drilling business more profitable with affordable Mobile App and Cloud tools that your team can use with confidence.


  • Mobile app for paperless checklist and data capture
    • Captures data when offline, sync when online
    • iOS and Android
  • Equipment management including:
    • Time based service triggers
    • Usage triggers automatically updated from pre-starts
  • Safety incident reporting
  • Document library with reviews
  • Issue and support alerts
  • Roster management
  • Bulk SMS communication
  • Action assignment and alerts
  • Training/Certification/Course management

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