Document Library

Library Concept

The Document Library button displays on the left menu for users with the role of Administrator or System Administrator.

Each module has its own Library so that, within each module, the documents for that module can be viewed, downloaded or managed.

Adding documents and versions

Documents can be added to the library by clicking the Add Document button, or by dragging and dropping a file or multiple files onto an open folder within the library.

To add a new version, click the ‘+‘ button on the right side of the document row.

The Add Version button has a grey highlight if there is more than one version of a document.

To display a list of versions of a document, right-click on the document to display the document menu, then click Manage Versions.

Downloading documents

Clicking on most document types will download the document to the Downloads folder of your device. To download a previous version, right click on the document, then click Manage Versions. Click the item to download the required version.

Some document types, such as videos, may open in a new tab on your browser, from which you can save the file.

Deleting files

Right click on the file, then click Delete.

Where there are multiple versions, only the current version is deleted. The previous version then becomes the current version.

Editing documents

To edit a document, you need to download it, then edit it using your document editing software. See the section above for ‘Adding documents and versions’.

Reviewing documents

Clicking the clock button on the right of the document row displays a form to update the last review or add a new review.

The form initially displays the information from the last review. The information can be modified and updated by clicking the Save button.

To add a new review, on the form, click the checkbox labelled  Add new review (vs update last).

Review button colours

The review button is coloured based on document review status:

  • Clear if there is no future review date.
  • Green if the next review date is more that 60 days ahead.
  • Orange if the next review date is more that 60 days ahead.
  • Red if the next review date has passed and a new review has not been added.

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