Deploying checklists

In PeopleTray, checklists are deployed as workflows. There are two main classes of checklist workflow:

Equipment Checklist workflow: Equipment checklists are associated with Equipment Types in the equipment register. When an Equipment Checklist workflow is initiated, the equipment item is selected and the correct checklist, based the equipment Type, is displayed.

Person (or general) Checklist workflow: A person checklist button is linked to a single checklist (unlike an equipment checklist). Person checklists have a flexible header where selectors for Companies, Projects and Contractors can be configured. Custom fields can also be configured in the Custom field settings, and added to Person Checklist headers.

Once a checklist workflow is submitted, the checklist follows the steps of the workflow until closed. Depending on the configuration of the workflow, users can add comments and actions can be assigned to correct issues raised by the checklist. This provides businesses with an efficient way to identify and address issues identified by their inspections and compliance processes.

Three steps to deploy your checklist

Step 1. Check which Workflow Process you will use.
Step 2. Configure a new Workflow Type.
Step 3. Sign out then back in.

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Step 1.

Check that you have a Workflow Process that is suitable to use with the checklist.

By default, the ‘Person Checklist’ process is installed in your account. It is suitable for most checklist requirements.

Settings > Workflow setup > Workflow Processes

Step 2.

Add a Workflow Type to initiate the checklist:

Settings > Workflow setup > Workflow Types

Workflow Type settings Include:

  • A button name to initiate the checklist from the Submit New … menu.
  • The name of the list of incoming checklists. (Incoming Reports button)
  • Which module will be home for the incoming checklists of this type.
  • The workflow process that this checklist will follow.
  • The Checklist that is being initiated.
  • Any special selectors to display in the header.
  • Any custom fields to display in the header.

Step 3.

After configuring the workflow Type, sign out then sign back in. You will now see the new button in the ‘Submit New …’ menu on the left menu.

The Incoming reports button will display on the left menu in the module that you configured in the Workflow Type settings to receive the incoming checklists.

Figure 1. Workflow Type settings form with first tab displays. This tab sets the Submit New … button name. The button name for Incoming Reports. The Category, Workflow Process and the Module that will receive the incoming checklists of this Type.

Figure 2. The second tab nominates the Checklist to use for this workflow Type. It also nominates the selectors to use in the workflow header.

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