Custom Fields

PeopleTray provides the option of defining custom fields that can be associated with various entities, such as:

  • Team Member profiles in TeamTray
  • Company profiles in CRMTray
  • Project Details
  • Safety Incident reports

Types of custom fields include:

  • Dropdown lists
  • Text Fields
  • Date Fields

Custom fields can be used to:

  • Record additional information on the entity associated with the custom field.
  • Search and filter lists based on the values of the custom fields.

For example:

  • A food distributor could classify their customers or their team members according to the values of a custom dropdown selector.
  • Additional information could be collected when reporting a safety incident, or creating a new project.

Image: Custom field optionally included on details page or custom tab.

Image: Custom field optionally included in Company filters.

Setting up custom fields

System Administrators have access to Settings where they can set up custom fields.

The general process for adding a custom field is:

  1. Define the custom field. (E.g. Company size or Size)
  2. Add the response options for the field. (E.g. Small, Medium, Large)

The steps are:

  1. Settings > Custom Fields > Custom Field Definitions
  2. Click button ‘Add Custom Field’ to display this form:

The above form defines the settings for the custom field:

  • Name is the Name of the field.
  • Description provides information to the administrator. Helpful if defining many custom fields.
  • Type: This determines the type of custom field, Examples:
    • Date Picker
    • Dropdown List
    • Text field
  • Entity: This determines where the custom field will be used. For example:
    • Company (added to Companies in CRMTray)
    • Person (added to Person details in TeamTray)
  • Sequence – The order of the fields on the page. Note that each Type of custom field is inserted in a system determined position on the Entity Details pages. Multiple custom fields of the same Type are ordered according to the Sequence number entered.
  • Mandatory – The page cannot be saved unless the custom field has a value.
  • Active – allows custom fields to be inactivated and reactivated.
  • Display on Custom Page: If selected the Custom Field displays on a tab dedicated to custom fields. If not selected the Custom Field will display on the Entity Details page. The Custom Tab page must be activated from the Account Settings page.
  • Searchable: If selected, a filter based on the custom field will be added to the filters for the Entity.

Activate the custom tab page for the Custom Field entity

Settings > Account Details

  1. Select ‘Display Custom Fields’ on Entity Name – Checkbox.
  2. Enter a name for the Tab.

Custom fields guide