Manage Customers, Leads, Opportunities and Sales

Within minutes you will have a proven Sales Management system that will help your team stay organised and increase their sales.

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Team Members are free. They can:

  • Suggest leads.
  • Submit activity reports.
  • Manage their Actions.
  • Maintain their own Sign-In credentials.

CRM users and Team Leaders: $35 per month.

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Manage the organisations you deal with

Managing customer communications and sales opportunities is a key requirement for success in most businesses. PeopleTray’s CRM module is easy to use and is a great way for you and your team to keep track of sales opportunities, monitor your sales activity levels and forecast likely sales levels going forwards.

Enter your customers, and customer contact people.

  • Record communications.
  • Attach documents such as quotes and purchase orders.
  • Add sales opportunities, including estimates of value and likelihood of closing.
  • Add actions to customers and opportunities to ensure that important opportunities are followed up.

Keeping your customers and opportunities organised helps your business be more efficient and maximise its performance. It is also an important way to monitor the performance of your team and to make it easier for new team members to join and be productive quickly as the history of each customer is readily available.

Managing customers also helps you build the value of your business and attract new investors when required.

Suppliers, contractors

Use CRMTray to manage contacts and activities with any business that you deal with including suppliers and contractors. Keep track of communications, and store documents such as proposals, contracts and purchase orders.

You can also add contractors to your PeopleTray system in the same way that you add employees and team members. They can then be assigned actions, and participate in workflows such as safety events or requests for information or quotes.

Dashboards and reports

Managing your data in a reliable online system means that dashboards and reports can be configured to your requirements, making important information available that help your team identify and manage important issues and opportunities and focus their efforts.

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