Drilling and Logging Dashboard

Our Drilling and Logging dashboard helps core shed managers, geologists and drilling managers align priorities, manage tasks and view the status drilling and logging tasks in a shared, configurable dashboard. It is quick to set up and learn to use, following our user guide.

The dashboard is Cloud based, so your colleagues can view and manage tasks from anywhere. Updates to tasks are instantly visible to everyone. Assign Job Cards to ensure important tasks are done, with emails to ensure the person assigned the task is notified.

The dashboard is configurable to your requirements, including the types of tasks, order and name of columns. Change the order of the holes using the priority setting.

The dashboard helps manage and communicate drilling status, rack numbers, logging and RQD progress, scanning, photographing and cutting. Help the team focus on the drilling and logging priorities, minimise bottle necks and ensure geological observations and measurements are available to the geology and engineering teams when required.

PeopleTray’s core logging dashboard includes drill hole import and export. The dashboard can be exported to excel with a single click for management reporting.