Configuring response options

Your new PeopleTray account has a number of response options configured by default for your Checklists. These default options have (sys) appended to the name. The defaults are not available for editing, but you can configure new response options as required.

The default response options are:

  • Checkbox
  • Comment 1 Row
  • Comment 2 Rows
  • Comment 5 Rows
  • Comment 10 Rows
  • Number 1 to 1000000
  • Signature
  • Yes, No – No = Fail
  • Yes, No – Yes = Fail
  • Yes, No, N/A – No & N/A = Fail(Sys)
  • Yes, No, N/A – No = Fail(Sys)

To set up your own custom response options:

Settings > Checklists > Checklist Response Templates

Click the button labeled Add Response Template

Add a name for the Response Template, then select the response type.

Note: The Score option requires a valid number to be entered. The Options response type is Radio Button format.

Some names to consider are:

  • Comment
  • Pass, Service, Fail, N/A (Options)
  • Reason for travel (Dropdown list)
  • Yes, No, N/A – No = Fail
  • Yes, No, N/A – No, N/A = Fail (Both No and N/A are Fail options.
  • Score

Click button on the right of the Option template row (Yes, No, N/A: No = Fail). Add response options as shown:

On the Checklist Response Templates page, click button on the right of the Dropdown List template row (Reason). Add response options as shown:

If we configure a Checklist using the four response templates configured on this page (Comment, Score, Reason, ‘Yes, No, N/A No = Fail’), it display as shown:

Using the response templates to configure a checklist

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