Configuring checklists

Checklist templates include:

  • Section titles
  • Questions and response types
  • Option to enter a comment based on response
  • Ability to organise checklists into multiple pages

System Administrators configure Checklist Templates from:

Menu > Settings > Checklists > Checklist Templates

Configuring a new checklist template

Click Add Template button to display the following page:

To add a new checklist:

  1. Enter the name of your Checklist.
  2. Select the default response type (you can set a different response type for each question if required).
  3. Enter a description of the Checklist.
  4. On Yes/No/NA response types, a ‘No’ selection is treated as a Fail. Select ‘Comment on Fail’ if you require a comment to be entered when a Fail response is selected for the question.
  5. Click Add Question to add questions.
  6. Click Add Section to add section titles.
  7. Click Add Page to add a new page.

Click the orange Checklist Preview button to view the checklist.

On the below image, click Save Details to save your changes, and click the Checklist Templates button to view a list of your Checklist Templates.

Example of two-page checklist set up, including section titles and questions of response type Yes/No/NA:

Click the orange Checklist Preview to view the checklist. The below image is typical of tablet size screen (First page of the checklist):

This image is a phone size screen:

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