Companies and contacts


See the guide to managing leads for the process of converting Leads to Companies.

Add a company

From within CRMTray, select the Add new … on the menu panel, then select Company.

Fill out the form that is displayed. The Company name and Company type are required fields.

After you save the form, the tabs for entering documents, contacts, notes, actions and opportunities will display.

Types a few characters into the quick search field to quickly find and open a company or contact.

Click the Companies button on the menu panel to list and search for companies.


Contacts are the people you deal with in business. Contacts are associated with companies or businesses and in PeopleTray every contact is associated with a company.

There are two ways to add a contact. Via the Add new … button on the menu panel, or by opening a Company Profile, clicking the Contacts tab, then click the Add Contact button.

Once you have added a contact, you can add notes to the contact to keep track of communications.

Click the Add new … button on the menu panel, then click Contact.

Enter the contacts details, then click Add Contact.

To quickly find and open a contact use the Search tool at the top of the Menu Panel. Click Contact, begin typing the first or last name, then click the name to open the contact.

View the contacts for a company by opening the company profile, then clicking the Contacts tab. You can add new contacts by clicking the Add Contact button.

Click Contacts in the Menu Panel to open a list of all Contacts.

Use the filters to locate the contact of interest.

Click the contact name to open the contact. Click the company name to open the company.

Notes, documents and actions
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