Checklists and reports

Add a Project

Once the above set-up has been done, you can start adding and managing your projects.

To add a project, click the add button in the black menu:

Fill out the projects details (see image below) then click Submit Project:

When the Submit Project button is clicked, the project is created and opened. The workflow and information tabs are displayed with the Project Details you have entered:

View and update projects

Click View Projects in the black menu:

A list of projects is displayed with filters. Click the reference number (left column of the grid) to open a project to view and add information.

Click the blue button at the top right to display a Schedule/Gantt style view of the projects:

Open the project by clicking its name for Full editing.

Note the Quick update button to edit the start/end dates, next step and participants. The Quick Edit form has two tabs as shown:

Tab 1. Project start/end and next step:

Tab 2. View/Add participants:

Person Schedule

Click Person Schedule in the black menu to display a list of the people that are assigned to projects.

You can assign a person to a project on this page by clicking Add Person.

Switch to the Schedule view by clicking the button at the top right for a Gantt style display and more editing options:

Click the top right button to return to the list view.

Search people and assign to projects

Click People Search in the black menu.

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