Checklists and Reporting

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Checklists are a feature that can be used in association with a variety of PeopleTray activities including:

  • Add a checklist to projects or safety event reports to ensure the requirements of the project or report are met.
  • Create checklists for Pre-Start activities, Take 5’s, Site inspections, Audits.
  • Use checklists to receive activity and production reports from employees and contractors.
  • Add a checklist to travel or expense requests to ensure journey or expenditure requests comply with business policies.

Checklists are responsive and can be used on any device and screen of any size. When a checklist is completed, the checklist instance is immediately captured into PeopleTray and available for triggering alerts and reporting.

System Administrators can configure checklists for each purpose according to the needs of the business. Checklists for equipment are linked to the equipment type, making equipment pre-starts flexible and intuitive for operators.

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