Checklists are a feature that can be used in association with a variety of PeopleTray activities including:

  • Create checklists for Equipment pre-starts, Site inspections, Take 5’s, Audits.
  • Add a checklist to projects or safety event reports to ensure all of the tasks are complete and requirements ticked.
  • Use a checklist to capture sales or activity reports from team members or contractors.

Checklists are responsive and can be used on any device and screen of any size. When a checklist is completed, the checklist instance is immediately captured into PeopleTray and included in the checklist (incoming reports) dashboard.

The following is an example of a travel request checklist.

System Administrators can configure different checklists for each purpose. Once checklists are created they can be duplicated, or shared with other PeopleTray accounts.

Checklists are responsive to the screen size. The above travel checklist displays on a phone as follows:

Checklists are configured by users with the role of System Administrator in:

Settings > Checklists

The configuration screen for the above travel approval checklist is as follows:

Ideas for using Checklists

1. Project Management

Add a checklist tab to projects to track tasks and milestones. Checklists can easily be updated or new checklists added as your requirements change.

2. Project scrum and safety meetings

Record outcomes of project scrum and safety meetings . Review submitted reports and assign actions to correct issues.

3. Site Safety Inspections

Capture site safety inspections direct and live into your project information. Review and assign actions to keep the site safe.

4. Equipment Pre-Starts

Checklists are associated with Equipment Types in the risk register. The operator selects the equipment items and the correct checklist is automatically displayed.

5. Take 5’s

Take 5’s are easy for workers to access and use. Workers do not need to install and manage mobile apps and the always have the latest checklist.

6. Incident Reporting

Use checklists to ensure the requirements of incident reports and investigations are met.

7. Approve Travel Expenditure

Set up checklists as part of the approval process for travel and expenditure.

8. Activity Reporting

Add a checklist to activity reports to capture information specific to your team and their roles.

9. Ideas and Suggestions

Use checklists to enhance the suggestions and ideas process. Manage the actions required to investigate and implement great ideas.

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