Checklists Help Increase Revenue – December 2020

The importance of Mobile Data Capture continues to grow. Feedback from our customers across all industries is the ability to capture data from workers, with the data automatically linked to Workers, Equipment, Contractors and Customers has helped transform their business. Initially the goal of PeopleTray customers when using Checklists is to increase efficiency. In concrete terms that means:

  • Reducing the cost of administrators processing paper-based data.
  • Reducing the cost of IT, including maintaining internal servers and API’s that move data between disparate databases and reporting tools.
  • Reducing the production time lost sending data and increasing compliance of workers.
  • Greater visibility of activities, performance and production and safety issues.
  • Identifying issues quickly and providing rapid support to workers when needed.

Once the efficiencies are gained and the power of PeopleTray’s Checklists are realised, customers invariably turn their attention to using Checklists to increase revenue! Sometimes the opportunity is a surprise. Two quick examples:

  1. One of Australia’s premier exploration and mining drilling companies configured a Production Exception checklist where Drillers quickly report episodes of slow drilling or low productivity. Drilling supervisors are now alerted and able to assess the issues and provide rapid support to the Drilling Crew. Achievement of production targets and profitability has improved significantly.

  2. A national Facilities Services Company began using PeopleTray’s automatic Checklist reporting, notifications, and Power BI dashboards to provide quality information to its customers in real time. This has helped the company to differentiate from competitors and secure higher Facility Services contracts across Australia.

PeopleTray’s integrated Cloud model with Checklists, email and SMS messaging continues to transform industries that need better visibility of their workers to maintain safe, efficient operations. The hidden value is boosting productivity and winning premium contracts based on differentiation from competitors through live production, safety and maintenance reporting to customers.