Checklists – New Features – December 2021

Industries across the board continue transitioning to electronic data capture from workers with ever evolving application of Checklists to strengthen Productivity, Safety and Revenue.

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Through 2020 many improvements were made to the PeopleTray Checklist functionality, driven by the requirements of PeopleTray’s rapidly growing base of Checklist focused customers. Here is a list of the most significant new features:

  1. Ability to add job cards to checklist non-conformances.
  2. Assign scores to checklist questions. Checklist Pass/Fail and reporting based on Checklist Scores.
  1. The PeopleTray mobile app now stores checklists on the mobile device for a minimum of 48 hours after syncing to PeopleTray Web. Easy for workers to show site based inspectors and auditors that Equipment Pre-starts, Take 5’s, Site Inspections, VOC’s and Covid checks have been done electronically when required, including when offline. This overcomes one of the last objections to electronic data capture at sites still committed to paper based processes.
  2. New style of checklist page buttons to allow faster ad hoc navigation between checklist pages. Included in PeopleTray Web and App.
  3. Ability to update the PeopleTray App with the latest Checklist configurations with a single click.
  4. Automated emailing of PDF Checklists – including automatic emailing of checklists to Customer or Contractors contacts in the CRM.
  5. Enhanced central viewing/filtering of checklists. Essential for Administrators managing a high volumes of incoming checklists and keeping track of the many workers that submit checklists for different purposes.
  6. Enhanced dashboard tools to view the number and Pass/Fail status of checklists for any time period with powerful checklist type and equipment filtering to view checklist trends of interest.
  7. Comprehensive API’s to allowing more flexible checklist dashboards using tools like Power BI.
  8. The ability to configure requirements for receiving daily checklists and a simple view of required checklists that have not been received. Configure this view as the default view when opening PeopleTray for an instant daily checklist status update.
  9. Move checklists through its workflow steps on the central checklist review page without the need to open each checklist – a significant time saver.
  10. Bulk editing of Checklist status.
  11. Improved resilience of syncing checklists from the PeopleTray App to PeopleTray Web. A transaction log is now maintained where the receipt of checklists can be verified, and issues investigated and resolved. While a rare occurrence, checklists can be recovered from the transaction log if required.