PeopleTray – A better approach to Checklists

Many companies have implemented standalone mobile Apps to capture daily checklist information from workers. The most common types are equipment pre-starts. Site inspections and crew checks for compliance and competency are also popular. A myriad of other uses include Covid checks, site entry/exit checks, inductions, stakeholder engagements, hazard reports, PPE distribution and drug and alcohol checks.

It is not the electronic capture of checklists that adds value. It is the instant, easy visibility and correction of faults and issues raised in those checklists that adds value. This leads to continuous improvements in safety, efficiency and productivity. It also leads to higher levels of trust and cooperation between administrative teams and workers in the field.

This feedback from our customers is typical …

“We started using a mobile checklist App a couple of years ago, and it helped us reduce paperwork, but we came to realise that the real goal is to see the issues coming from our workers, so we can correct faults and hazards, and quickly provide production support to our team when required. PeopleTray took us this extra step and I would say, has transformed our business. The data coming in from our workers now drives continuous improvement. Not only to reduce risks but to maintain and improve productivity… it helps us perform better as a business.”

Feedback from a busy contracting company:

“We hired an IT consultant to implement a database to help analyse the checklists coming from a mobile App – at considerable cost. But this involved yet another IT solution that required ongoing development and support. The IT consultant disappeared and shortly after, the analysis database fell over. We were back to paper, with a full-time person transcribing the checklists. It was super frustrating. With PeopleTray, incoming checklists are integrated with our people, equipment and contractors with instant visibility of issues and opportunities for improvement. We are more efficient and more sustainable. More importantly, we are better connected with our people in the field.”

Standalone Apps for checklists are great for managers focused on record keeping and audits. But for complex and hazardous industries, managers need to see and respond to the issues and opportunities in those checklists quickly and consistently. With standalone checklist tools, each checklist must be individually opened and inspected, then a manual process required to initiate responses. The information does not consistently flow through to decisions and actions. It is inefficient. Workers feel they are reporting the issues, but responses are intermittent or non-existent. Trust breaks down, and the ‘us-versus-them’ culture persists across office and site-based teams.

Enter PeopleTray …

The PeopleTray checklists are highly configurable by your administrators. They include a range of question/response types including radio buttons, text fields and dropdown lists. Comments are mandatory based on question responses and photos are captured. Multiple signatures can be included for VOC’s and approval checklists. Documents, images, and movies can be embedded making them great for training and inductions. Android and iOS phones are supported and yes, checklists can be captured when offline and synced through when coms are available.

The power is in what follows …

When a checklist is received by the PeopleTray application, it clips out the questions that raise issues or that ‘fail’. At any time, administrators and supervisors can see a list of issues without opening the raw checklists. This is a game-changer. The time required to sort and view the issues is eliminated. Administrators can get straight to addressing the issues, including an urgent response or communication if required. Checklists become a valuable communication tool, and the perception by field workers of support from the office team is enhanced.

A single click adds a job card to any checklist non-conformances or issue and the comments and photos from the checklist are automatically included in the job card, further enhancing communication and efficiency. Checklists can be automatically forwarded to contractors and customers in pdf form if required, and of course Email and SMS notifications are baked in.

Checklists and non-conformant responses are automatically linked to people and assets. For example, during plant and equipment servicing, the non-conformances and job cards from recent inspections are instantly available. Out of the box dashboards show pass/fail rates together with charts showing the frequency that different components fail. A comparison of different types of plant and equipment can provide useful insights and opportunities to improve.

All of this is achieved without the involvement of IT resources. PeopleTray is a configurable Cloud system that is instantly deployed. Implementation is complete in days, rather than weeks, including data upload and training and mature Azure API’s mean that PeopleTray works perfectly alongside existing software applications and data management systems.

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