Checklist Dashboards

When checklists are submitted by your team and contractors, the checklists come into the PeopleTray database.

The Workflow Type settings for each checklist determine which module you should open to view the incoming checklists of this type.

If a module has been assigned to display incoming checklists, the Incoming Reports button will display in the left menu. Click this button to view a summary of the checklists submitted over the last 14 days, and today.

List of Incoming Checklists

Clicking one of the buttons opens on the Incoming Reports page opens a dashboard for the Checklist type. The orange buttons give the option of viewing:

The list of incoming checklists. The right-hand side of each row indicates whether the checklist:

  • Had one or more failed questions.
  • Had one or more images captured.
  • Recorded the GPS location of the device.


To the left of the dashboard pages are the information filters. The filters are configured automatically based on the types of information captured. Once you set the filters they persist as you navigate the dashboard pages, and for reporting/exporting your data using the buttons on the top right.

Non-conformance list

Clicking the Non-conformance button displays a list of the non-conformances from the submitted checklists. Non-conformances are questions where the response to the question is a fail option. E.g. Yes, No, N/A where the No option is configured as a Fail in the Response Options settings.

On this page, clicking the image icons on the right side of the grid for a non-conformance will open the images captured for the non-conforming question.


The charts button displays three charts including:

  • The number of checklists of this type submitted each month for 12 months.
  • The failure rate for incoming checklists over 12 months.
  • The frequency that each checklist question has an alert (fail) response – highlighting opportunities for improvement.


If your checklists have been configured to capture the GPS coordinates, the Map option will display allowing you to view the locations from which your checklists were captured.

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