Checklist concepts

In PeopleTray there are three parts to a checklist.

  1. The checklist header.
  2. The list of questions and response options.
  3. The workflow process.

The Header

The header is at the top and is the first thing the user sees when the checklist is initiated. Once the header fields are entered, the user clicks the Display Checklist button to view the checklist.

The header of the checklist always includes information such as:

  • The name of the signed in user
  • Today’s date
  • The name of the checklist

The administrator may configure additional fields for the header. The options available are:

  • Person: This is used to select a person to review. E.g. a Verification of Competency, or Apprentice review.
  • Company selector: Companies in CRMTray, that have Customer setting in the Company settings tab.
  • Project: Projects that are currently open in the Projects module.
  • Contractor: Contractors from the list of contractors that are associated with selected Project.

The Checklist

This is the series of questions configured in your checklist template.

The Workflow Process

When a checklist is submitted it follows a workflow Process. A process is a series of steps that the checklist can transition through. A ‘Step’ comprises of tabs for capturing additional information, and different users that can access the checklist at during different steps. Each step also settings that determine what other steps the checklist can move to from the current step. An example of possible steps for a checklist workflow are:

Step 1: Review the checklist
Transition options: Investigate | Close (Only the reviewer can close the checklist)

Step 2: Investigation
Transition options: Review the checklist (Must be returned for review after the investigation)

Step 3: Closed
Transition options: Review the checklist (The checklist can be reopened if required).

The workflow tabs for adding information to the checklist are also configured in the Workflow Process. Typically, the following tabs could be considered for a Checklist Workflow.

  2. Actions
  3. Documents
  4. Investigation

Of course, many workflow steps will only have the Checklist and Header tabs, and two steps – namely Review and Close.

Three steps to deploying checklists

Step 1: Configure a checklist

Step 2: Check which Workflow Process you will use. The Person Checklist process is often used.

Step 3: Configure a Workflow Type

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