Checklist App

A unified mobile Checklist App for Mining, Contracting, Plant and Equipment businesses

PeopleTray’s checklist App unifies the tools your workers need as an integrated, paperless mobile App experience including:

  • Checklists of any kind including Equipment Pre-starts, Take 5’s, Inspections, Audits, Covid Self-Assessments
  • Procedure documents linked to your people via Work Roles
  • Record safety events such as hazards and incidents
  • View and close out Corrective Actions
  • Covid health updates
  • Submit Timesheets
  • Roster details including Flight and Room bookings
  • Monitor journey waypoints
  • Record production activity

PeopleTray’s unified checklist app includes offline capture of checklists, images and signatures syncing through to the central administration system when the mobile device is back online. Procedure documents are always available to view, including when offline.

The PeopleTray web application includes efficient views of incoming data, making issues easy to see, with the option to assign job cards with due dates to ensure maintenance and corrective tasks are completed and verifiable.

PeopleTray’s unified mobile App and Cloud approach to safety, compliance and equipment management has made it one of the fastest growing software businesses in mining and contracting. If you would like to find out more, email us at, or call us: +61 8 6555 7793

What our mining and contracting customers are saying:

“Each morning I can see the issues and faults coming through from our worker’s checklists. It takes a few minutes to assess the issues and assign job cards to ensure each is addressed.

It gives us an efficient paperless process. Checklists give us real time communication with our people. Supervisors are notificed of production issues, prestarts, take 5’s and covid assessments are fast and visible in dashboards.

It seems like there is a higher level of trust and engagement between our workers and administrators, which makes everyone safer, better connected, and boosts our performance.”

Unified Checklist App for mining, construction, plant and equipment industries
Configure your own checklists. Includes Safety Hazards, Incidents, Corrective Actions, Procedure Documents, Roster Calendar, Journeys

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