Tools for managing FIFO Rosters during Covid

Tony Hampton – PeopleTray

Covid-19 has escalated the challenge of workforce management for mining and contracting firms. Cloud based roster management systems integrated with paperless checklists and SMS messaging are lifesavers for managers in the new environment.

There is an old saying in Aviation – “When in trouble, fly the Plane”. When there are big challenges, manage the things you can manage. Keep the wings level and your speed up. In mining and contracting it means do a great job of managing your workforce and your equipment. Capture information from your team more efficiently. Identify and address issues that you see in that data. Provide the support that helps your team perform, and communicate to keep people connected.

Cloud based management tools are helping miners in our industry cope with the Covid-19 shock. Here are five critical challenges that Australia based PeopleTray, is helping miners and  contractors manage in the new environment:

PeopleTray is a proven Cloud system helping miners with the critical challenges of workforce management in the new environment. There are no setup costs. Just a monthly fee and it is up and running for most customers in a single day.

Five FIFO Roster Challenges:

1.    Rostering – FLights

PeopleTray helps mining administrators to manage rosters from any location, providing more flexibility for your administration team. PeopleTray flight management includes multiple flight routes, with easy switching between the route options to re-route travel in the event of travel restrictions.

2.    Covid Health checks

The mobile checklists make it easy for workers to submit a Covid health checklist prior to travel. Paperless, instant and flags workers that may be a risk to their team.

3.    Managing productivity

Activity reports submitted from phones and tablets help supervisors keep track of worker productivity. Similarly, exceptions checklists are growing in importance as supervisors and workers submit requests for support on their mobile devices – giving managers the real-time information they need to provide the required support, ensuring production is optimal – every day.

4.    Task management

It is more difficult to keep track of important tasks when people are working off-site or at home. PeopleTray makes it easy to assign and manage actions, ensuring important tasks don’t slip through the cracks.

5.    Communication

Individual and bulk communication via SMS messages to work groups and work roles makes it easy to provide information and reminders to the team.

Many companies solve these problems with spreadsheets and paper forms. PeopleTray is an integrated Cloud and Mobile system, accessed by users from any location – making it ideal for the current business environment.

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