PeopleTray Rolls into Mining

PeopleTray provides workforce management, equipment pre-starts, inspections, safety management and rosters in a single, integrated mobile and Cloud system.

Transforming Safety in Australia

The integration of Checklists with safety, equipment, contractors and customers greatly improves efficiency. It ensures the business is safe, workers are productive, and helps differentiate from competitors.

Explorers and Small Miners

Mobile checklists for drilling inspections, vehicle pre-starts, journeys. Safety and hazards. Drilling/Logging Dashboard. Rosters, Task management.

PeopleTray – A better approach to Checklists

With PeopleTray, checklists drive continuous improvements in safety, efficiency and productivity. They also build higher levels of trust and cooperation between administrative teams and workers in the field.

Drilling and Logging Dashboard

Our Drilling and Logging dashboard helps core shed managers, geologists and drilling managers align priorities, manage tasks and view the status drilling and logging tasks in a shared, configurable dashboard. …

GeoTray Module – July 2020

GeoTray includes the ability to configure Maps and position Assets (Plant and Equipment) and safety locations such as First Aid centres, Emergency Equipment and Hazardous Chemical locations. Configure Local Maps …