Case Study – Mining Construction

PeopleTray has established itself as a leader in cloud based Risk and Compliance management, guided by the requirements of small and medium organisations in Western Australia, across a range of industries. Larger companies are now coming on board.

One of Western Australia’s largest mining organisations is using PeopleTray to manage risk and compliance for its construction projects. The requirement is to manage risk at both the Project and Contract levels, leading to clear visibility of contractor safety and performance.

Initially the groups construction executives were impressed with PeopleTray’s ability to capture safety and compliance audits, presenting the data in dashboards, providing clear insights into safety non-conformances and contractor performance.

PeopleTray’s flexible checklist tools meant that the organisation’s auditing model was easily catered for and within days the auditing system was deployed. The company then raised the issue of setting up the safety management plan for each project and contract. PeopleTray responded as follows:

Project Risks

  • High level Risks are assigned from the Risk Register, with associated controls.
  • An Audit action plan sets the schedule for monitoring risks and compliance according to company policies.
  • Contractors are assigned to the Project.
  • Audits are captured electronically directly into PeopleTray, selecting both Project and Contractor – leading to daily visibility of Project and Contractor issues and performance.
  • Reports are exported and can be shared with Contractors and Managers. Critical and recurring non-conformances are visible to supervisors, leading to better coordination and formulation of strategies that reduce risk and improve performance.

Figure 1. PeopleTray’s Audit framework results in visibility of issues and performance for Projects, Contracts and Contractors

Contract Risks

  • Contracts are linked to their parent project and are managed in a similar way. The differences being that more detailed risks are assigned from the risk register.
  • The Authority to Mobilise is paperless and saved together with the contract documents and information.

Action Plans

Safety leaders set up a schedule of actions representing the Audit plan. Supervisors to assign corrective actions both internally and to contractors. Emails advise actionees of their obligations. Actions that are not closed are visible to supervisors ensuring that all both audit and corrective tasks are completed and closed out in accordance with the plan.

The benefits of PeopleTray for mining operators

Mining operators and contractors are using PeopleTray to modernise their Risk and Compliance management. Paperless capture of data and information from employees and contractors is an achievable goal, with data flowing through to out-of-the-box dashboards and reports.

PeopleTray’s cloud approach reduces the cost of setup and maintaining safety and compliance systems – in line with the overall goals of the business. PeopleTray does not require any internal IT resources. It is accessed from anywhere, meaning more workplace flexibility and managers have greater visibility and control over their operations.