Apprentice Management

PeopleTray has partnered with industry to provide tools for managing apprentices to help produce competent graduates that are future leaders in quality, productivity and safety.

PeopleTray also includes an apprentice mobile app with configurable electronic forms to support an efficient paperless management environment.

PeopleTray manages all aspects of the apprentice development and support process including:

  • Recruitment
  • Apprentice Year, Anniversaries, Graduations and Terminations
  • Suspensions, Stand-downs, Extension, Credits and Probation periods – with automatic adjustment of anniversary and graduation dates
  • Positions and placements with host employers based on availability
  • Field officer visits and capture of reviews and issues via paperless mobile forms
  • Training Needs matrix with flexible filtering
  • Block release, Day Release, Course bookings
  • Compliances, including alerts for expiring documents
  • Uniform & PPE supply management
  • Safety incident reporting, KPI’s and interventions
  • Interface to 3rd party systems such as Payroll and RTO’s.


PeopleTray provides an efficient, integrated candidate assessment and onboarding process.
Add compliance documents, competencies and contact details at the recruitment stage and convert candidates to active team members, preserving the document and notes and other information captured during candidate assessment.

Apprentice Year Status and Graduation

PeopleTray provides the tools to manage the complete journey of each apprentice.

Start date, anniversaries and graduation are all impacted by suspensions, stand-downs, credits, probation periods and extensions. PeopleTray accurately calculates current year, anniversaries and graduation with automatic adjustments, displaying on an Apprentice Status page.

Apprentice Dashboard & Reporting

The Apprentice Dashboard gives an overview of the number of apprentices, number of apprentices assigned to each field officer and a variety of other information to aid in planning and management.

Manage Positions and Placements

PeopleTray provides comprehensive host employer and apprentice placement management.

Ensure that all host positions are filled and managed optimally. Keep track of vacant or terminating placements to ensure maximum utilization of Apprentices.

Search Apprentices

PeopleTray search functions enable efficient management of Apprentices
Flexible search tools to find suitable Apprentices to fill the available positions. Includes single click to review and manage suspensions, stand downs, credits, extensions and probation. Click to expand row to view Apprentice status, recent placements and notes without leaving the search page.

Compliance, Competencies – Matrix

PeopleTray provides the tools to manage all aspects of an Apprentices Training, Competency and Compliance.
A simple method of managing compliances and competencies including work role associations and expiry alerts. The training matrix with flexible filters provides an effective overview of team status.

Paperless Mobile forms and Data capture

PeopleTray includes a configurable checklist toolbox for paperless and mobile capture of information.
Using checklists you can capture data offsite electronically via the Web or PT App on mobile devices to be instantly viewed in the PeopleTray management portal.

  • Field Officer Reviews
  • Inductions
  • Training Requests
  • PPE supply records
  • Clothing supply records
  • Safety interventions
  • Safety alerts
  • D&A checks
  • Exit Interviews

Safety – Incident Reporting and Risk Management

Capture and report Safety incidents, injuries, hazards and observations. Configure the incident reporting workflow to suit the needs of your business. Flexible reporting including safety dashboard.

Interface with supporting business applications

PeopleTray includes a mature API for the purpose of scheduled or adhoc importing and exporting of data from business systems such as:

  • Payroll
  • RTO’s
  • Colleges
  • Other third-party applications

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