Using the PeopleTray Mobile App

The PeopleTray App (the App) is designed to transmit significant amounts of data from the PeopleTray Web application to the mobile device and from the device back to the Web.

Checklist templates, settings, and information such as Journeys and Calendar information are sent from the Web to the device.

See the User Guide for setting up Checklists

Users enter data in the App (Checklists and Safety events), which is subsequently synced to the PeopleTray web. The App saves checklist data on the device for at least 48 hours so that submitted checklists can be reviewed at site on demand. See Saved Items page.

The App is designed to operate while online and offline.

Some checklists record a significant amount of data, and that data can be high value or critical for compliance, safety, or productivity. Therefore, is it essential for users to be trained in how to confirm the data has been recorded successfully and whether that data has been synced to the PeopleTray web.

The following are the essential concepts that will help users manage their data entry and syncing to the web.

Capturing Events on Mobile

Events maybe entered in the Mobile App only when online. The offline capability of the App is provided for checklists that must be done on location, where internet may not be available. For example, Equipment Prestarts, VOC’s.

Providing Incident/Event capture while offline would raise the risk that a critical issue is entered into an offline device, and the user does not realise, or forgets that the appropriate person or people have not been notified. In other words if offline, the user must find another way to notify a person that can initial the required additional notifications and (emergency) response.

If it is important to capture event data while offline, this can be set up as a checklist, in which case consider turning off Mobile Event Capture.

From a safety policy perspective an incident should not be considered reported until a voice conversation with a supervisor happens. i.e. Electronic systems cannot be relied on for OHS communication, as any electronic or communication failure may result in delay of immediate mitigating actions or emergency response.

Is my device Online or Offline

Your device is offline if it does not have access to the internet or mobile data services. Your device may still be online in Aeroplane mode if it is connected to wired Internet or Wifi.

Online and offline indicator light:

Viewing Checklists in PeopleTray Web

When you capture checklists on your device, the checklists are synced to the PeopleTray database where users with the appropriate roles can view the information via incoming checklist views and dashboards.

Downloading checklist templates from the Web to the App

When the user logs in to the App (must be online) the App automatically syncs checklists and related data from the PeopleTray web application, depending on the role and permissions of the user in the Web application.

If checklist templates are update on the web App, mobile App users must sign out, then back in to update the checklists on the App.

Using the App when offline

To use the App when offline, the user must first sign into the App when online. If the user logs out of the App (on the Admin page) the user must log in again when online. It is not possible to sign in to the App when offline.

The App will remain logged in when closed. When the App starts, they may need to sign in again if the App security token has expired. Security tokens remain valid for 30 days.

Which functions are designed to work online and offline?

  • Sign in                  –    Online
  • Checklists            –    Online and Offline
  • Safety Events      –    Online
  • Calendar              –    Online

Devices must be online to sync checklist data.

Problems logging in to the Mobile App

Signing in requires entering a valid Username and Password. A Username is a valid email address.

If the user has forgotten their password, they can reset their password by going to in a web browser.  Click ‘Sign in’ and on the Sign in page, click ‘Trouble signing in’. Enter the username (email address). A link is emailed to the user to reset their password.

 Team members guide

Submitting Checklists & Reports