Features and Benefits

Australian Developed and Supported

An integrated Cloud solution

PeopleTray is a Cloud business database and mobile application for businesses that have people working on site or in the field where their performance is critical to the performance of your business. It is an integrated platform for web and mobile data capture, communication, compliance, training, production tracking and time sheets that achieves a more sustainable, higher performing business.

Production reports, time sheets, customers, contractors, projects, people, equipment and safety indicators are linked to provide more flexible reporting and analysis.

The combination of data capture, reporting, notifications and actions management provides increased business ‘visibility’, improved collaboration and continuous business improvement.

Connect with your workers

The paperless and flexible capture of data into a central Cloud database ensures instant identification of issues with tools to communicate, assign and track actions and provide better support to people at site and in the field.

Mobile App

The PeopleTray Cloud database links to our mobile Application for capture of any type of data from your workers and managers. It includes configuration of any type of checklist, journey tracking and delivery of roster information via the App calendar. The App allows the capture of data when off-line, syncing saved data to the web when connected.


Implementation of PeopleTray is fast as we can copy an existing industry setup to your account, then modify to your specific requirements and load your data using efficient tools. Users adopt the system with minimal training.

About Us

PeopleTray is an Australian team that works closely with its customers and industry to provide better solutions for businesses with special challenges.

Our vision is to provide businesses with a modern Cloud database and mobile application that solves problems with fast, modern tools that are easy for everyone to use.

Our business model is based on flexible working conditions and partnerships with domain experts that are passionate about software innovation to achieve more sustainable business that outperforms competitors.