Actions Management

PeopleTray provides the tools to assign important actions to team members and ensure they are managed and closed.

An action may be assigned to a person by a team member or team leader at any time. However, actions can also be assigned:

  • In the CRM sales management module while managing a company or opportunity.
  • During the execution of a workflow such as a safety event investigation or in response to an activity report.

Email notifications are sent to the assigned person:

  1. When the action is added.
  2. If the action becomes overdue.

Actions are always added in a similar way and you can easily see the actions assigned to you and the actions you have assigned to others. Menu My Tasks > Actions is the best way to see a list of your actions, with easy filters for due and overdue actions.

… or select an action alert on your home page.

Either method will take you to your actions page. Use the tool bar at the top to display your actions or switch to actions that are assigned by you to others and to view due or overdue actions.

Use the filter panel on the left to display closed actions or to display actions within a date range.

 Add an action

To assign an action select the Add New … > Action button on the left menu panel to display the Create Action form.

If an action is not closed before the due date the action is deemed overdue and:

  • A further email is sent to you.
  • The action appears in the Overdue Actions alert box on your home page.

The Reminder Days field determines the period when the actions becomes Due. An action is due from the period of the reminder days until the due date, after which it considered overdue.

Close an action

To close an action open your list of actions by selecting an action alert on your home page, or from the My Tasks menu:

Open an action by selecting the action ID number:

Click the Close Action field then select the appropriate close option. You may wish to provide information or feedback to the person that assigned the action in the Actionee comments field. Then Save.

A calendar view of your actions is available by clicking the Calendar button at the bottom of your left menu panel, and at the top right of your actions list page.

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