6. Workflow Tabs

Workflow Tabs

A workflow process has steps and buttons to transition to another step of the process. Each step also displays tabs for entering information. This page lists the available Tabs and shows and image of each tab with a brief explanation.

Any workflow process can display any of the available tabs. However, some tabs are more suited to Event Reporting, while others are more often used for Project workflows. Person Checklist processes tend to have a one or two step process, with one or two tabs, such as Details and Actions.

Details Tab

Every workflow has a Details tab according to the Class of the Workflow Process. View the different classes and their associated details pages >

The optional tabs are listed in alphabetical order below. We can also build special purpose tabs for your business if required.

Actions Tab

Actions are assigned to a person. Actions are viewed on the My Tasks and My Team Actions registers (Top menu) and on the Calendar (left menu). When an action is assigned an email is sent to the actionee. An email is sent each day to the actionee if it becomes overdue.

Causes Tab

The Causes tree can be configured by System Administrators in Settings.

Checklist Tab

You can configure checklists according to your requirements.

Checklists user guide >

Comments Tab

Use the comments tab to enter and view comments about the project or event.

Contractors Tab

Contractors must be entered into the CRM Module as Companies. Set the company to Contractor in the Company Settings tab to make it appear in the Contractor selector for this workflow tab.

Custom Fields Tab

You can configure custom fields and associate them with Projects, Safety Events and Person Checklists. If the custom field is set to ‘Display on Custom Page’, then it will display on this tab. Otherwise the custom field will display on the workflow details page.

Documents Tab

System Administrators can configure Document Types in Settings.

Equipment Items Tab

Equipment Items must be entered in the Asset Register in SHEQTray, after which they can be selected on the Equipment Items tab.

Gallery Tab

Add images related to the project or event on this tab.

Injury Tab

The injury tab captures details of one or more people injured in the event, including body part, agency, mechanism, workers compensation details etc. Injuries entered on this tab display on the Injuries list in SHEQTray.

Investigation Tab

A summary of an investigation can be entered here, including participants, method, findings and recommendations. Attach the full investigation report on the Documents tab.

Items Impacted Tab

This tab is purpose developed for the Forestry industry where the impact of Forestry events on Blocks and Stands can be recorded.

Participants Tab

Record the participants in the project or event, including dates.

Risk Register Tab

Select risks from the risk register. For projects, this allows you to identify the key risks involved in the project. For events, you can associate the events with the risks on the risk register. In the risk register you can view the events and projects that are, or have been associated with the risk.