7. Add a Workflow Type

Setting up a Workflow Type

Now that we have configured a new Process we can use it by associating it with a Workflow Type. The hard work is done. There are just a couple of steps to go.

As a System Administrator, select:

Settings > Workflow Admin > Configure Workflow

Then select Workflow Types (as indicated in the image) to open the Workflow Types page, then click New.

This displays the Add Workflow Types form. Once this form is completed the Workflow will be live and available to use.

Initiate Button

This is the name of the workflow. It appears on the button that users click to initiate the workflow, as in the image. (See the image below)

Menu Name

This is the name of the button that appears in the Menu Panel and which lists the open workflows of this type


Enter a description of the Workflow.


Category is a way of organising Workflows if you have many of them. In this case we will use the General category.

Workflow Process

This is where we nominate the Process that the workflow will follow. Use the Process that we created: Weekly Report.


This setting assigns the Menu button for viewing the submitted workflows, to the menu panel of the nominated module. For example, submitted safety incidents and events would be visible and managed by users that are assigned to the SHETray module.

Users are assigned to modules by System Administrators via:
Menu > Settings > Manage User Roles (View Guide)


You can activate and deactivate a Workflow at any time. If you activate this workflow now, it will immediately be available to all members of your account. You may wish to leave the workflow as inactive for now, then activate after the next step where you assign access to the Workflow, to one or more Workgroups.

In this case make sure the Active checkbox is selected.


Let’s  activate our Weekly Reports workflow now and see it live.

To do this click the Create button on the form.

Then reload the page by clicking the home button on the Menu bar.

You should now see the changes to the left Menu panel as shown in the image below.

Menu Name

Supervisors (Editors) and Administrators will need to access the workflows (reports) that are submitted by their team members. The Safety Leader will wish to view and analyse the safety events that have been reported. A construction project manager may wish to view the site inspection reports. The submitted workflows can be viewed in two ways by Editors and Administrators.

1. Via the My Team > Workflows button on the Menu Bar

2. Via a button on the left menu panel, that lists the workflows of a specific type, such as Weekly Reports or Safety Events. The name of the button is Menu Name in the Workflow Type settings form. The module in which the Menu button is displayed is set in the same form.

Assigning a Workflow to Workgroups

You can control which users will have access to initiate the Workflow, by assigning it to one or more Workgroups. The default setting is that all users will see the initiate button for the workflow type. Specifying workgroups will restrict access to the button to those workgroups.

Select the Configure Workgroups button on the right end of the row (indicated on the above image). The following page will display.

Click the New button, then select the Workgroup of the team of which you would like to have the Initiate Workflow Button display in their left hand menu. Then click Create.

You can associate the Workflow with multiple Workgroups if you wish.

Now let’s take a look at the Guide to using your new workflow.

Guide to using your new Workflow