Mobile Checklists – Timesheets

iOS – Android Easy To Configure

  • Equipment Pre-Starts
  • Covid Health Checks
  • Inspections
  • Timesheets
  • VOC’s

FIFO Rosters – Flights – Rooms

Multi-site | Mobile Calendar

  • Fly In Fly Out Roster management software
  • Mining flights management
  • Mine accommodation management software
  • FIFO Flights management
  • Accommodation and Room Bookings
  • Crew planning and forecasting

Safety Management Software, WHS Software, OSH, Mine Safety

An integrated approach – Microsoft Cloud – Access From Anywhere

  • WHS Incident Reporting software Australia
  • Mobile App for checklists, including offline
  • ✓ Risk Register
  • Configurable Workflows
  • Exposure Hours From Rosters
  • Compliance, Competencies Mobile VOC’s
  • Includes Journey Management Software

Training Management Competencies – Compliance

Qualifications and Certifications

  • Course Bookings
  • Online Inductions
  • Apprentice Management
  • Online Trainee Reviews
  • Trainee Care And Support

Australian Developed and Supported

FIFO Rosters, Mining Safety, Compliance, Contractors, Equipment

PeopleTray is a Cloud business database and mobile application for businesses that have people working on site or in the field where worker safety and engagement is critical to the performance of your business. It is an integrated platform for web and mobile data capture, communication, compliance, training, production tracking and time sheets that achieves a more sustainable, higher performing business.

Our modules cover: Rosters for mining and Fly In Fly Out management, Mine Safety and Training and Compliance.

Leader in incident reporting software Australia and used by organisations across Australia and South East Asia.

The combination of data capture, incident reporting, notifications and actions management provides increased business ‘visibility’, improved collaboration with your workforce, and continuous business improvement.

Connect with your workers

The paperless and flexible capture of data into a central Cloud database ensures instant identification of issues with tools to communicate, assign and track actions and provide better support to people at mine sites and in the field.

Australian Mobile App for Managers and Team

The PeopleTray Cloud database links to our mobile App for Australian managers and field worker for capture of any type of data from your workers and managers. Perth based Mobile App support, it includes configuration of any type of checklist, journey tracking and delivery of FIFO roster information via the App calendar. The App allows the capture of data when off-line, syncing saved data to the web when connected, to meet Australia’s mining and contracting industry requirements. The PeopleTray mobile App is widely used in Australia’s mining and contracting industries. Job cards can be assigned to issues raised in checklists are linked to equipment and include assignees and due dates to ensure nonconformance are addressed reliably.


Implementation of PeopleTray is fast as we can copy an existing industry setup to your account, then modify to your specific requirements and load your data using efficient tools. Users adopt the system with minimal training.

PeopleTray is Modular

WHS – OHS – Safety – Incidents and Risk Management | Mining FIFO Rosters, Camp and Flights | Training and Compliance

PeopleTray is a fully integrated system. Enter you people once, and your administration teams all work off the same trusted source of people information for Health and Safety, Compliance, Documents and Training, FIFO Roster Software. Your people will use a single mobile app to view their mining roster, submit checklists such as equipment pre-starts and Covid health checks.

Mining Roster Management Software

FIFO mining and contracting organisations love the integration of mining roster management software and mine travel management with safety, workforce compliance and mobile checklists.

Our FIFO rostering software includes mine flights management software and mining rooms, camp and accommodation management. The mine travel management software with rostering software integrated with safety and compliance management is used across leading Australian mining operations ranging from mining, exploration and construction.

The FIFO roster management software includes FIFO crew travel management to ensure your project, plant and equipment are correctly crewed at all times, to ensure efficient use of flights, camp and rooms and more profitable operations.

WHS Software, OHS Software for Mining

WHS software for mine safety management is vital for safe operations management and compliance. PeopleTray’s integrated Microsoft Cloud approach greatly improves the mining safety and FIFO roster management process.

PeopleTray is a best practice incident reporting software Australia system, with configurable workflows, email notifications and reporting.

Integration of offline mobile checklists and SMS messaging ensures efficient collection of Pre Starts, Covid Health Checks and VOCs. The Mobile App works offline, syncing data to the central web management system when people return to online. FIFO rosters, checklists, procedure documents, safety events and actions integrated in a single App for iOS and Android.

Our mine travel management software includes rapid roster builds, optimum use of accommodation and the mobile app where workers view their roster in the same place as doing prestarts and viewing their procedure documents is awesome.

The mine safety, compliance and FIFO Roster management software in PeopleTray leads the Australian industry. Procedure documents are managed and automatically downloaded to the Mobile App to ensure your people have the latest procedures available to view at all times.

GRC Software Australia

GRC Software Perth, Governance, Risk and Compliance along with ESG Software – Environmental Social and Corporate Governance reporting and performance are of increasing importance for many Australian businesses. PeopleTray is a Australian, Perth based GRC and ESG Software platform that integrates Corporate Risk and Compliance management with mobile Audit tools to achieve visibility and GRC engagement with your workforce to feed in the GRC management processs. This GRC Software includes reporting and managing events and incidents related to GRC and ESG. Job cards and corrective actions with GRC dashboards support continuous improvement in GRC reporting and GRC performance. GRC Software is Perth based for reliable Australia wide GRC Software support and expertise.

About Us

PeopleTray is an Australian team that works closely with its customers and industry to provide Cloud based, cost effective solutions for businesses that operate in remote, equipment based, hazardous environments where safety, compliance and workforce management are important drivers of business performance.

Our focus is health and safety, WHS, rosters and compliance management, with strong influence from Health and Safety Australia and Health and Safety Perth safety, compliance workforce and roster management professionals.

Our vision is to provide integrated Cloud and Mobile applications that help our customers be more efficient, more sustainable and more profitable.

Our business culture is based on flexible working conditions and partnerships with customers that see innovation as a key to continuous improvement and performance.

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