1. Register an account

These pages aim to help you get started using PeopleTray. Let’s start by registering your new account.

Click to register your new account >

The grey shaded fields are required. Non shaded fields are optional.

The email address is your username. It must be valid and you must have access to it. For all corporate and team member registrations it is recommended to use a company email address. The username cannot be changed once registered.

You must accept the PeopleTray Terms and Conditions in order to register. We also recommend reading the Privacy Statement.

Once you submit the form an email is sent to the username email address.

Select Click to activate your account and sign in.

Congratulations, your PeopleTray account has been registered and activated.

You have been automatically assigned a 30 day licence with all modules active:

  • TeamTray: Manage team members, actions and workflows
  • CRMTray: Customer Relationship (sales) management
  • SHETray: Safety, Health and Environment
  • TalentTray: Recruitment management

The next guide explores the user interface.

Explore the user interface