Introduction to SHETray

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The SHETray Safety, Health and Environment module helps keep your team safe and helps manage the risks associated with your business.

Guide to opening modules

  • Incident and event management
    SHETray includes incident, event and hazards management within a Workflow and Corrective Actions framework.
  • Risk Register
    Maintain a Risk Register to ensure that risks are identified, rated and managed.

SHETray helps you manage risks and keeps your business compliant through effective management of events, incidents and hazards. Record investigations and ensure corrective actions are completed.

In the event of a safety audit, or serious incident, SHETray can help you demonstrate an effective safety management process, with easy to access records.

Incident and event management

SHETray provides tools to manage a wide range of events including:

  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Hazards and observations
  • Environmental incidents
  • Breach of compliance
  • Safety meetings and actions

SHETray manages events and activities by using workflows that can be configured to your requirements. Workflows can have as few or as many steps are required. For example a safety incident workflow could have the following steps:

Step 1:    New safety event is registered by the ‘Initiator’ – e.g. by a field operator.
Step 2:    Supervisor reviews the Event. (Supervisor may return to Initiator requesting more information, forward to Safety Coordinator, or discard).
Step 3:    Safety Coordinator review. (Safety Coordinator may forward the Event to an Investigator, return to Supervisor requesting more information, or may close the event).
Step 4:    Investigator investigates the event and attaches his report and findings. (Investigator returns the event to the Safety Coordinator when investigation is complete).

Each event type may have different data capture requirements, but the following options are available for any workflow:

  • Record the details of the event, including what happened, when and who was involved.
  • Attach related documents including images, witness statements, expert reports.
  • Record details of injuries, including multiple injured persons.
  • An investigation and findings report document can be attached.
  • Record notes/comments.
  • Manage Corrective Actions including completion and overdue items.
  • Assess the consequences of the event and the likelihood and potential consequence of a similar event happening in the future.
  • Record the causes of each event.
  • Easy review of the information as the event management process progresses.
  • Output a printable Event Report in MS Word or .pdf format.

Select SHETray from the module selector. The SHETray Home page is displayed.

The SHETray Dashboard displays a summary of Actions by workgroup and causes analysis with drill-through to event reports:

Menu > Dashboard

Guide to Using SHETray