Setting up SheTray

SHETray is already set up and ready to go with default settings when you register a new Account. You may wish to modify those settings to align with the requirements of your business.

Guide to accessing the Settings menu

A Workflow Type has been set up for registering SHE Events with the follow features:

  • The Workflow Type is called Safety Events.
  • As with all Workflows, a System Administrator role can modify the settings for this Workflow Type at any time.
  • This default Event Workflow can manage Incidents, Injuries, Hazard IDs and Behavioural Observations.
  • The button for registering a Safety Event is titled: Report Safety Event. It is displayed on the left menu pane for all members of all Workgroups.
  • If you have newly registered a PeopleTray account, you can immediately register a new event by clicking the Report Safety Event button, then progress the event through its steps, entering information and assigning actions (See guide to Using SHETray).
  • Readers can view the status of workflows that they have submitted via:
    • Menu > My Tasks > Workflows
  • Team leaders and administrators will need to view and manage the list of workflows (in this case Safety events) that are submitted. They can be viewed at any of these places:
    1. Menu > My Tasks > Workflows (for Team Leaders)
    2. Left Menu Panel button, labelled according to the Event Types setting for Menu Name (Button displayed for Team Leaders)
  • The Safety Events workflow includes all of the available tabs for managing a Safety Event.

The Steps of the default Safety Event Workflow are:

The Default Workflow has been assigned to SheTray. This means that only those people that are assigned to SheTray can access Safety Events via the View Menu on the Menu Bar.

To modify the settings of the Default Workflow you must be a System Administrator.

  • Modify the Workflow Type name and Initiate Button label:
    Settings > Workflow Admin > Configure Workflow > Workflow Types

  • Restrict access to the Register Safety Event to specific Workgroups:
    Settings > Workflow Admin > Configure Workflow > Workflow Type (In the Workgroups column of the grid, click Configure Workgroups. Note that the workflow is available to all Workgroups unless it is associated with specific Workgroups, in while case it will be available only to those Workgroups.)

  • Modify the Event Types and Subtypes:
    Settings > Workflow Admin > Event Settings > Event Type

  • Modify the Workflow Process including Steps, Transitions, Participants and Tabs visible at each Step:
    Settings > Workflow Admin > Configure Workflow > Workflow Process

  • Modify the Assess Tab settings:
    Settings > Workflow Admin > Tab Settings > Risk Assess Tab Setup

  • Modify the Causes Tab settings:
    Settings > Workflow Admin > Tab Settings > Cause Types

For a full explanation of configuring workflows, please review the Workflow Guides.

Well done completing the guides for SheTray.

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