Get started – for team members

If you have received an invitation to register in PeopleTray, it is likely that a member of your team has invited you to join your team in using PeopleTray.

By clicking the Create your password link in your invitation email, and creating your password, you will immediately have access to the benefits of PeopleTray as a team member with user role of Reader. This guide introduces PeopleTray from the perspective of a Reader or team member.

It is recommended that you view the 3 minute introduction video to gain an overview of PeopleTray if you haven’t done so.

When you register, you will have access to the TeamTray module which is explained in this guide. To use any other module, view the Opening modules guide. For guides to using modules view User guides home.

When you Sign in to PeopleTray, you land on your home page:

Your Menu Bar shows the Home button, My Tasks and Profile buttons. My Tasks provides:

  • A list of the Actions assigned to you and the Actions assigned by you to other members of your workgroup.
  • Workflow tasks that are assigned to you and workflows that are initiated by you with information on the status of your workflow Approval Requests and Reports.

From the Menu Panel (left side), you can:

  • Assign actions to members of your workgroup.
  • Submit an activity report to your team leader, including alerting them to any opportunities or risks that you wish to highlight.
  • Submit a safety incident or hazard report.
  • Request approval for things like travel and purchases.

My Tasks – Actions

On the Menu Bar, My Tasks provides links to the Actions that have been assigned to you and actions that you have assigned to others.

Submitting Reports, Travel Requests, Safety Issues and Incidents

The Menu Panel on the left includes the Workflow options that are available to you. These may be the standard PeopleTray workflow options, or you may have options available that have been configured by your PeopleTray Administrator.

My Tasks – Workflows

My Tasks menu also provides links to the Workflow Tasks assigned to you, and provides a list of the Workflow items submitted by you. For example, your requests to travel, activity reports or safety incidents and hazards submitted by you.

Execute a Workflow Task

The displayed Workflow is a request for Domestic Travel that was submitted by the Reader. The request transitioned to the Reader’s Team Leader, according to the way this Workflow was configured to operate. The Team Leader viewed the request then returned it to the Reader, requesting more information. The Reader may add more information and return to the Team Leader by clicking the Return to Workgroup Manager button, at the top of the page, or cancel the request.

Role Opportunities

Your Home Page displays a button to view the Role Opportunities that have been advertised internally from the TalentTray (Recruitment) module.

Actions – add and close
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