PeopleTray Service Partners

Assurance Group – Travis Hocart

Assurance Group focuses on workplace safety, environmental management, quality assurance, contractor management and paperless software options.

Our experience extends throughout mining, marine port operations, oil & gas, exploration drilling, high risk international travel, commercial, residential and civil construction.
We have assisted many businesses with the implementation of robust systems that have led to more efficiency, profit, lawful compliance and successful multi-million dollar tender submissions. More …

CRM WA – Kerry Reverzani

I have teamed up with PeopleTray to provide clients the professional services required for their organisation to be more efficient.

Helping people to make their working day easier with simple processes using a great system is very rewarding.

Contact me if you need assistance with your PeopleTray experience. More …

HNA Safety – Henning Nielsen

Safe and Compliant Drilling Operations Consultant

At HNA Safety we help you implement affordable and practical safety and compliance systems with the goal of developing a positive internal culture, while differentiating your business to win more high quality work. We can help you take the first steps towards effective safety and compliance systems, or help you become Standards Certified to help win attractive work with Tier 1 organisations and Government. More …

GoLive 365

GoLive 365 are experts in IT Project management including: business analysis, evaluation, selection, change management and implementation.

Perth based, with many years of experience in ERP, business sustainability and business efficiency systems. Integrated solutions from CRMs to Finance and Operations. We understand the IT backbone concept for business and help our customers achieve an integrated efficient and effective IT platform to support sustainable growth and profits.

More …

Mary Argese – Coaching Business Success

We Coach directly with the people who influence and make key decisions within a business. We believe that true change starts at the top, leading by example and embracing their business Values and Mission.

Our methods have been established from our extensive coaching experience across a diverse range of businesses and countless sessions with Clients. Our system delivers consistent and repeatable result when our clients put the coaching into practice. More …

Chris Walsh – GMO Business Brokers

As an experienced SME manager and business broker I am passionate about helping our clients build business value in preparation for sale.

At GMO, we coordinate the sales process, including the buyers and seller, legal and financiers on both sides to achieve a quality outcome for all parties.

I have a strong practical understanding of SME organisations including the business and legal framework for franchise organisations. Please call if you would like an initial consultation. More …

Karen Walsh – GMO Business Brokers

I am an experienced business and franchise owner and work with the GMO team to achieve quality outcomes for both the buyers and sellers of businesses.

I especially enjoy working with GMO’s clients to evolve their administration systems with the objective of making it easier for new owners and managers to join the business and hit the ground running. Please call if you would like to discuss an initial roadmap for the sale of your business. More …