Opening Modules

When you sign in to PeopleTray you start in the TeamTray module.

Switch between modules by selecting the Module Selector on the right hand side of the Menu Bar.

By default, System Administrators have access to all modules.

All users have access to TeamTray and TeamTray is the module that is opened when a user signs in.

Readers and Editors must be assigned to other modules by a System Administrator to use them. They will then appear in the module selector.

To assign a user to a module:

  • Open the user’s profile.
  • Select the Product Settings tab.
  • Select the Modules tab on the left of the form.
  • Assign the user to the required module and save.


Workflow Types can be assigned to a module during WorkFlow Type setup. The information associated with module workflows is only available to users that:

  • have a role in the Workflow
  • are System Administrators; or
  • are assigned to module in their Profile Settings

The module concept allows you to limit access to workflow management to users assigned to the module nominated in the Workflow Type setting.


Users may be assigned multiple User Roles and modules with a single Contributor licence. If a Reader (Team member) is assigned to a module, they will consume a Contributor licence.

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