Equipment Register

The PeopleTray equipment register allows you to build and maintain a register of your equipments and assets.

The Equipment Register is accessed from the SHETray safety, health and environment module.

Equipment is grouped into Categories, Types and Equipment Items. PeopleTray users with only a few items may work with a single Category and Type, whereas users with equipment and assets of different types can keep all their equipment and assets organised by Category and Type.

The equipment Type settings includes the ability to assign a checklist, so that the correct checklist is used for Pre Starts, Inspections and Equipment Audits based on the Type classification for any Equipment Item.

The settings for Equipment Categories, Types, Equipment Status and Equipment Locations are at the following Settings pages:

  • Equipment Categories: Settings > SHETray > Equipment > Equipment Category
  • Equipment Types: Settings > SHETray > Equipment > Equipment Type
  • Equipment Status: Settings > SHETray > Equipment > Equipment Status
  • Locations: Settings >  Settings > Workflow Admin > Event Settings > Event Location

Equipment Types and Checklists

Equipment Types are associated with Equipment Checklists. When initiating an Equipment Checklist workflow, the user selects the the Equipment item. The Checklist that is displayed is the chechlist that is associated with the Equipment Type for the selected Equipment Item.

To set this up:

  1. Create checklists for each equipment type – set the Checklist Type to Equipment. Checklists with Type setting of Equipment can be selected when assigning a Checklist to an Equipment Types in the Equipment Register.
  2. In the Equipment Register, when setting up your Equipment Types, you can nominate which Equipment Checklist to associate with each Equipment Type. Only Checklists with Type ‘Equipment’ can be selected in the Equipment Register.

When creating a workflow for equipment pre-starts and equipment inspections, use a workflow based on the Equipment Checklist workflow class. This class requires the selection of the operator, then the selection of the equipment item. The checklist displayed is based on the Equipment Type for the selected item:

Equipment Item >>> Equipment Type >>> Equipment Checklist.

For example:

Selected Item: Bobcat F87J8Y2 >>> Type: Loaders and Bobcats >>> Checklist: Loaders and Bobcats