Assign and Manage Actions

In PeopleTray, Checklists are attached to workflows. Usually the workflow will involve only one or two steps. For example:

Step 1: Open – can be viewed by a supervisor, who can close it.
Step 2: Closed.

However, an additional step could be included. For example – Forward for investigation.

Once submitted. the ‘review’ step of the workflow can have different tabs for adding information, or otherwise managing the Checklist.

Figure 1. Actions tab displays for supervisors to add and manage actions associated with an audit or inspection checklist.

Figure 2. Add actions on the actions tab, including reason for the action, due date and reminder days.

Figure 3. Actions can be viewed centrally in the Calendar, or the actions register. Green = Due. Red = Overdue. Black = Closed. Grey = not yet due.