PeopleTray App – for Checklists

The PeopleTray App provides the ability to capture Equipment Checklists from an App, installable from the Google Play App store. The App will soon be downloadable from the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

The App allows checklists to be captured when the device is online or offline. Offline means your device is not connected to the Internet via a network, WIFI or mobile data.

To install the PeopleTray App, go to the Google Play store. Search for PeopleTray and install.

Open the App and sign in to your PeopleTray account. The App will automatically download the checklists that your PeopleTray administrator has made available to you.

You must be online to sign in. Once signed in, you can continue to capture checklists when your device is offline. When the device comes back online, and the App is open, the App will automatically sync your checklists to PeopleTray. This may take a few minutes. The table of captured checklists on the lower section of the home screen will disappear once the syncing of checklists is complete.

See the User Guide for setting up Checklists.

Viewing Checklists in PeopleTray

When you capture checklists on your device, the checklists are synced to the PeopleTray database where users with the appropriate roles can view the information via checklist dashboards which are displayed below.